Monday, March 10, 2008

God as my author

Today I received an e-mail of encouragement from a church friend explaining how God does not use traditional math. This took my mind directly down memory lane.

When we wanted to adopt Aden, we knew the cost was going to be much cheaper than other stories we had heard about, but the "cheaper" amount was still more than we could ever save on our own. Thinking back on how God gave us money to get our finger prints done, and how the home study got paid for, how Eric got an unexpected job at the air port allowing us to travel round trip, first class, for only $435! Seeing how once we were home, diapers were paid for, formula, Dr. visits etc, just blows my mind. On paper, the numbers just don't make sense...the traditional math just doesn't work.

It is like being a character in a book, and God being the author. He writes these beautiful stories, and Eric and I just so happened to be the page turners of one blessed page after another.

Some may relate more with another type of creating than writing... Whatever the case might be, God is the maker and the production of his hands always turns out to be a best seller.

Knowing that God is the continual author of my life, and Avery's for that matter, makes me excited to see what may happen next. I find satisfaction as I near the climax of this particular story. What is your story like? Are you at the climax, where your fate rests in the authors hands? Are you able to turn the next page, knowing the story has already been written? Do you have faith that all things work together for good? Do you trust...the Lord you serve?

With joined hands together, let's turn the next page with God as our author...shall we?

Will the Williams raise enough money to bring their daughter home????? Will they be able to stick it out, or will they cave under pressure? Read the pages of this book for a fantastic journey experience that some have called extraordinary!

Joshua 24:15 “…You must choose today whom you will serve…As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

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