Thursday, April 3, 2008

Flapping, Gliding, or will you chose to fly?

Did you know that a humming bird flaps its wings 70 times a second? I was driving home the other night and this awesome sermon came on the radio, and this guy was talking about our Christianity and how we emulate birds in our choices of how to live out our Christianity. He was saying that Humming birds flap around, but the flapping really doesn't get them actually makes it easier for them to hover in when we are stuck...we can't move forward...

The next type of bird glides...In order to do this, they use all of their energy to hype up in the air, and then they glide towards the ground. Because there is so much up and down, it is more like the visual picture of a roller coaster. They don't cover a lot of ground, but they go really high and really low, really fast. Sometimes I am a glider...I used to call it emotionally unstable, ha!

Finally there is the bird that soars. Man alive, do I want to be this bird. The one that soars above all the pressures and trials of life, secure in Christ's plan for us. These birds can soar up to 80 miles an hour! Are you thinking what I am thinking??? Sweet! At that rate, the trials can't last that long, ha!

Anyway, I was put in a situation with my son today and I was reminded by this silly visual, that I really truly do want to soar like an Eagle like God's word talks about in Isaiah. I want to see the world from God's perspective and know that there is a bigger picture. I want to do my job well as a mom, but know the things that are taking place are not personal, but all part of the bigger plan.

Where are you at in your walk? Are you stuck...flapping away, hovering in the same place you always are? Maybe you appear really busy so you don't have to deal... Are you gliding...using all of your energy to get as far as you start off great, and your travels look promising but before you know it you are plummeting to the very ground you were leaping from in the first place... OR, are you soaring along, seeing the big picture in life, knowing that every trial you go through is part of a bigger plan. My prayer is that we all strive to is so much faster, so much easier...I love to do it Jesus' way!

Dear Heavenly Father, please save me from myself! Please lift me up when I don't have the strength, reveal your bigger picture to me, and help me to fly strong. Help the trials to move underway quickly, and to God be the Glory!

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