Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Home Study Hype

Okay, okay, so for those of you that have been waiting...

Our home study went awesome yesterday! Ann arrived at 3pm (actually she was late, which totally annoys me) and it was really professional at first. (I hate that...why can't we all just take one look at each other and pretend we have been friends for years, ha!)

Anyway, Aden insisted on showing her Sissy's bed, which lead to the "BIG" home tour of all 7 rooms! Woo Hoo! That took a total of 3 minutes and it was off to the couch we went for our visit. Apparently God had a plan for Ann to see how Eric and I discipline because he allowed Aden to act up, big time! :) Rolling around on the floor, smelling her feet and saying "Stinky" among other things.

As the afternoon progressed she really opened up as we went through the questions and said she was impressed by our home and how we discipline. WHAT A RELIEF!

She even said that she took all of spring break off so she could write our home study! That means the big part of it will be done by March 21st! The finger prints needed to be mailed in ASAP and we were told it could take 4-8 weeks to get them back! So, possibly only 4 weeks! We serve a big God! I figure if it does take 8 weeks, then it was all a part of His bigger plan.

She gave us the paperwork we had been waiting on and Eric and I scraped together $5 this morning and headed to the police station at 8am! We got our finger prints done and then Aden and I drove over to Mason to deliver them to her in person. None of this snail mail nonsense. :) We are praying she can get those in the mail to Des Moines by tomorrow and all that only costs $69.50. We are so thankful, relieved, and ready for the next step!

Praising God through this storm...

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Leah said...

AWESOME NEWS! We are excited for you guys! Are you going to be around Easter weekend? We are heading your way...let me know!