Monday, March 17, 2008

Mental Derailment

It has been a while since I have written and I have all of these thoughts wanting to spew out! I decided it was time to put the words to the paper and get my mental derailment over with...

After our home study meeting was done, we shared with you that we sent our finger prints out the next morning. Over the last week, Aden was diagnosed with bronchiolitis and walking pneumonia, so I have been a little preoccupied. (He is doing fine by the way...breathing treatments every 4 hours and 2 meds. Allergic to one, but allergy medicines are being taken to help with the itching.) Today, as things finally start to settle down, I decided to call Ann to make sure she got the finger prints mailed out. As we talked, she explained that there was one more form we had to mail in due to the fact that we used to live in Missouri and she just remembered that this morning. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!

She is going to put the form in the mail, and we will have to mail it back BEFORE she takes off for spring break or it will just sit there for another week. More AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

I started to let my mind mentally derail from the fact that God is enough in all circumstances. Even though we WANT Avery home asap and we feel all of these little things adding up will take Years off of the time we get to spend with her, I am reminded...get back on track...God's track, not yours. I will do my best to let God be the director and I will just ride along silently and soak it all in. I know there are beautiful things to see and experience along the way, and possibly this extra week will be needed for something special... Thank you Jesus for your plans, and for getting me back on the right track.

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